Heaps on Jones: ‘Exactly what our team needs’

Heaps on Jones: ‘Exactly what our team needs’
August 29, 2014, 8:30 am
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The arrival of Jermaine Jones in New England has been created shockwaves throughout the MLS.

Revs coach Jay Heaps joined State of the Revs to discuss his feelings towards the signing.

"Really excited," said Heaps. "You want to get a player like this as soon as possible… It was exactly what our team needs. He's a player that we respect highly. As a staff we were really excited."

What does Heaps expect Jones to bring to the team?

"We are a young team. He brings some wordily experience to our group," said Heaps. "Also his tenacity, his energy, his charisma. All of those things on our team, we have them in small pockets in younger kids. It's nice to have a seasoned veteran with that type of charisma."