Beyond the Pitch: Matt Reis on Marathon bombing

Beyond the Pitch: Matt Reis on Marathon bombing
October 3, 2013, 12:15 pm
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We all remember the devastating events that took place on Marathon Monday earlier this year.

Hundreds of people were injured, while their friends, family, and fellow Bostonians were all affected in some way.

Bruins goalkeeper Matt Reis was at the finish line that day with members of his family cheering his wife on as she ran.

That's when the bombs went off.'s Jessica Camerato spoke with Reiss about that tragic day.

"Well I was not really thinking anything was going to happen, then all of a sudden it sounds like a gigantic cannon had gone off," Reis recalled. "It was kind of right back by where I was standing two minutes before that.

"The first thing that popped into my mind was, 'Why are they signaling the end of the race when there's still people running?' Everybody started panicking and running around and screaming and stuff and then it all became real."

It got even more real for Reis shortly after. His father-in-law was close to one of the bombs when it went off, and was injured.

"Well at that point I went back," Reis said. "There was seven us, there was four that were still back in that area. I checked in and three of them were OK, and my father-in-law was laying on the ground. Just went to see what was wrong with him. He had a lot of blood coming out of his leg. At that point my mother-in-law said we need a tourniquet and I took my belt off and we wrapped it around as tight as we could around his leg. I took my jacket off and tried to just stop as much coming out as much as possible. Fortunately it helped."

Reis' quick actions may have saved his father-in-law's life. He says that being a goalkeeper had something to do with that reaction.

"I think a lot of it is what I do day-in and day-out," Reis said. "It's taking situations and dealing with them. Soccer and goalkeeping, the ball comes in and I have to deal with the situation, and that's what happens there. I got in to it and found out he had a massive hole in his leg, and just what's next. So we had to stop the bleeding, so how do we do that, and kind of process of elimination that way and just go through it that way.

Reis goes on to talk about his father-in-law's multiple surgeries and recovery process.

He also talks about how soccer helped him get back to normalcy, and how the event changed him.