Wakeup Call: Graham's a long-term Saint at last

Wakeup Call: Graham's a long-term Saint at last
July 16, 2014, 8:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, July 16:


R.I.P., Gary Lee. (NBC's Motor Sports Talk)


So who'll be the face of MLB once Derek Jeter retires? Mike Trout? Yasiel Puig? Someone else? (Yahoo! Sports)

Trout stakes his claim by putting in an MVP performance in the American League's 5-3 victory in the 2014 All-Star Game. (Yahoo! Sports)

Adam Wainwright introduces the phrase "pipe shot" into American sporting lexicon by admitting that's what he gave Jeter in the first inning last night, a fastball down the middle that Jeter rifled into the right-field corner for one of his two hits. (NBC's Hardball Talk) 

But then -- after the wrath of the world comes down on his head via social media -- Wainwright claims he did no such thing and that people just don't get his wild sense of humor. (Hardball Talk)

It was a Jeter love-fest last night. (Yahoo! Sports)

Except over at CBS News. (Hardball Talk)

Why no mention of the late Tony Gwynn during last night's bash? (Yahoo! Sports)

Gwynn's death from oral cancer actually has the players' union considering a ban on tobacco at the ballpark, similar to the rules that have been in place in the minors for years. (AP)

According to my old friend Jayson Stark, the Twins' Glen Perkins last night joined Mickey Lolich (1971) and Kaz Sasaki (2001) as the only pitchers to record an All-Star Game save in their home park. (Yahoo! Sports)

Don't know if anyone's ever had an All-Star experience as unique as Jeff Samardzija's. (CSN Chicago)

What was the deal with that "Love Water Not Oil" sign? (Hardball Talk)

Despite his lifetime ban for gambling, Pete Rose may actually be part of the All-Star festivities when the game returns to Cincinnati next year. (AP)

So now we know why the Home Run Derby drags on for three hours: "Television wants a three-hour program." That's what Bud Selig says, anyway. (Hardball Talk)

Selig thinks we'll see baseball back in Montreal at some point in the future. (AP)

The lack of offense in today's game has people talking about lowering the mound again, as they did in 1969. But it also has Keith Hernandez talking about contraction. (AP)

Alfonso Soriano is released by the Yankees, meaning -- despite some beyond-putrid stats in the first half of the season -- someone might take a flyer on him, since all he'd cost is the minimum salary. (Hardball Talk)

If the Royals are looking for hitters, like Jonny Gomes, why would they trade Billy Butler to the Mariners? (Hardball Talk)

David Price would love to be part of the Cubs team that finally breaks the franchise's World Series drought. (CSN Chicago)

Billy Bean -- not to be confused with A's general manager Billy Beane  -- has been hired by MLB to serve as a consultant in guiding the sport toward greater inclusion and equality. Bean, an outfielder who played for the Tigers from 1987-89, the Dodgers in 1989, and the Padres from 1993-95, came out as gay in 1999. (AP) 


Louisville continues to have the best fan base in college basketball, according to the study they use to determine such things. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg gets a new pacemaker. (College Basketball Talk)

What it is with Iowa's Peter Jok and mopeds? (AP)

Former Florida Gulf Coast forward Eric McKnight's bid to play at Tennessee as a graduate transfer this season has been denied by the SEC. (AP)

Stu Jackson -- a one-time assistant at Providence College who went on to a long stint in the NBA as a head coach and later a league executive-- is returning to the Friars' conference: He's been named senior associate commissioner of the Big East. (AP) 

UCLA guard Lauren Holiday, the younger sister of Jrue Holiday, is ending her career after just 12 games over two seasons because of repeated head injuries. (AP)


Johnny Who? (NBC's College Football Talk)

Yet more arrests in college football, but West Virginia running back Wendell Smallwood isn't charged with your run-of-the-mill DUI or disorderly conduct: He's in the can on witness-tampering. (AP)

Not is Baylor offensive lineman Jacoby Kyle: He was nabbed for aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and had to post $100,000 bond to earn his release from jail. (College Football Talk)


So what can we expect from Tiger Woods in the British Open? (Yahoo! Sports)

Rory McIlory hopes to cure his "second-round thing" this weekend. (AP)

Mark Calcavecchia, the 1989 champion, drops out of this year's Open . . . apparently because he can't get to England. (AP)


Sid The Kid and his doctors decide they won't operate on his wrist after all, as they hope to solve the problem with treatments and rest. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

The Predators say they did their "due diligence" before signing Mike Ribeiro, who was chased out of Arizona because of what the Coyotes called "behavioral issues" . . . after he'd worn out earlier welcomes in Montreal, Dallas and Washington. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Even so, Nashville GM David Poile warns this "clearly is really [Ribeiro's] last chance." (Pro Hockey Talk)


If Paul Pierce can hang on until 2016, he may get to play with Kevin Durant. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

The Hornets swoop in and steal Lance Stephenson from the Pacers. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Since Kevin Love doesn't seem to want a max contract from the Timberwolves, Ricky Rubio says he'll take it. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Speaking of Love, it still doesn't look like he's heading to Golden State. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Akron's planning a big welcome-home party for LeBron James. (AP)

Mike Miller makes his choice: It's Cleveland, where he reunites with his old Heat teammate LeBron. (AP)

Andrew Wiggins or no Andrew Wiggins, Dion Walters says he doesn't want to come off the bench for the Cavs. Well, Dion, let me explain how life works . . . (Pro Basketball Talk)

Saying on Twitter that he's a #HeatLifer, Dwyane Wade signs a two-year deal at more than $16 million per to stay with Miami. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Rashard Lewis is no #HeatLifer; he's heading to Dallas. (Yahoo! Sports)

Dirk Nowitzki is clearly a #MavsLifer, because he gave the Mavericks quite the hometown discount in turning down max offers from the Lakers and Rockets. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Old friend Kevin McHale won't go quite as far as GM Daryl Morey in attempting to make chicken salad out of the Rockets' dismal offseason. (CSN Houston)

Pau Gasol says "instinct" is what made him decide to sign with the Bulls. (CSN Chicago)

Instinct might have been what made the Bulls decide to use the amnesty provision on Carlos Boozer, who may land in Charlotte or Atlanta. (CSN Chicago)

Sebastian Telfair is coming home from China to play for the Thunder. (AP)

Nerlens Noel may have been worth the wait for the Sixers. (Pro Basketball Talk)

John, John . . . what's with the hat? (CSN Washington)

Donald Sterling's legal maneuverings mean he may not be out as Clippers' owner by the start of next season. (Pro Basketball Talk)


Jimmy Graham beats the 4 p.m. Tuesday deadline and signs a long-term deal with the Saints. (AP)

Bobby Walker -- who says the Broncos "looked scared" when they took the field for last year's Super Bowl -- thinks the Seahawks "got way better" this offseason. Well then, Bobby, imagine how scared Denver will be this year if the teams play again, eh? (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

The Panthers' Greg Hardy is found guilty on two counts of domestic violence, and receives a suspended 60-day jail sentence and 18 months' probation. He plans to appeal. (AP)

Chris Kluwe announces plans to sue the Vikings as a result, writes Mike Florio, "of the team’s failure to make public the report of the investigation regarding his claim of homophobic comments and a discriminatory animus against Kluwe when he was cut last year".  (Pro Football Talk)

For their part, the Vikings claim they never said they'd turn over, or make public, that report. (Pro Football Talk)

Nothing personal, Archie and Eli, but the Manning who Jameis Winston most wants to emulate is Peyton. (Pro Football Talk)

The man who claims the Pouncey twins assaulted him in a Miami nightclub last weekend plans to sue. (Pro Football Talk)

Mike Shanahan apparently had second thoughts about being an analyst on Fox this year. (CSN Washington)

Brett Favre isn't sure he'd let his son play such a violent sport as football. (Pro Football Talk)

Those of you who listen to the great D.A. Show on CBS Radio overnight know that one of their sound bites is now obsolete: With Kyle Orton's release, Brandon Weeden is now the Cowboys' hold-snapper and second-string quarterback. (First link AP, second link You Tube)


Here's another hint that soccer is gaining widespread acceptance in this country: Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen compares SEC football to the Premier League, at least in regards to the passion of the fan bases. Did you ever think a Mississippi State coach would even know of the Premier League, let alone compare college football to it? (NBC's College Football Talk)

Now that Luis (or Luiz, depending on who you read) Felipe Scolari is out, who'll replace him as Brazil's manager? (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk)