Volin: Vibe I'm getting is Brady will be out there

Volin: Vibe I'm getting is Brady will be out there
August 15, 2013, 10:45 pm
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Tom Brady could play in the second preseason game Friday night against the Bucs at Gillette stadium after leaving practice with an injury on Wednesday.

At least that's the impression the Boston Globe's Ben Volin got from Foxboro on Thursday, when Brady returned to practice after the injury scare heard 'round New England.

"The vibe I'm getting is that Tom's gonna be out there," Volin told Andy Gresh and Gary Tanguay on "Uno Sports Tonight."

Volin considers it kind of a risky move. Given 1) the craziness of this Patriots offseason and 2) Really hurt or not, the franchise QB was rolling on the ground holding his left knee on Wednesday.

"I would be very conservative. . . It's a bit of a risky move," Volin said. "He gets plenty of reps in practice. . . Does he really need more in a preseason game?"

Volin said he "wouldn't be surprised if Brady played 3-5 series." He played two against the Eagles in the preseason opener.

"Coming off the field he told us, 'Not talking today guys but I'll catch you after the game tomorrow'," Volin said, "which means he probably ends up playing."