Volin: Eagles vs Patriots may be Super Bowl preview

Volin: Eagles vs Patriots may be Super Bowl preview
August 13, 2014, 1:30 am
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Last year, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense shredded the Philadelphia Eagles in their joint practice.

On Sports Tonight, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe discussed how this year's practice is a little more of an even match.

"I'm watching this practice, I think it might be a Super Bowl preview." said Volin.

Bob Neumeier scoffed at the idea.

"Get the hype machine going on that one, baby." said Neumeier. "The Patriots I get, but the Eagles? Not so sure… They are the class of the NFC East, why? Because they're like the Patriots in their division. The Cowboys stink, the Giants stink, and the Redskins, eh."

Volin has high hopes for Chip Kelly in his second season.

"Chip Kelly is, I think, one of the top coaches in the NFL already," said Volin. "It's not like Chip Kelly brought his offense to the Eagles and said, 'we're going to run this.' He adapted to his personnel."