Time for Pats to start answering questions

Time for Pats to start answering questions
September 7, 2013, 9:00 pm
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The Patriots spent their offseason dealing with a lot of questions related to their offense.

A lot of questions.

Questions about Wes Welker.

Questions about Brandon Lloyd.

Questions about Aaron Hernandez.

Questions about Rob Gronkowski.

Questions about whether there would be anyone left for Tom Brady to target.

Now we get some answers.

When the Patriots kick off against the Bills on Sunday we'll finally see if there's any drop-off in performance for the new-look offense.

CSNNE.com Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran offers three keys for New England in their season-opener.

Anticipate best possible performance from E.J. Manuel.

The Patriots cannot be overly confident against the rookie quarterback.

Manuel is a threat to run and he's a great leader. Both are talents that will cause headaches for a defense that brings anything less than its best.

Keep it simple

E. J. Manuel will step into it on his own.

The defense only needs to do its job, there's no need to get overly complicated with schemes and coverages. Manuel has an erratic arm and the Patriots need only wait until Manuel either turns it over on his own, or throws the ball into the ground.

Air it out

The Patriots will probably rely on the running game this year more than they have in a long time.

That's probably especially true until they find out what they have in their young receiving corp.

But a ground-based game plan plays right into the strength of the Buffalo Bills - their front seven.

No, if the Patriots want to continue their recent dominance of the Bills they must look to the sky.

Tom Brady needs to air it out and take advantage of a beat up secondary.

Plus, a heavy dose of passing will quickly tell the Patriots what they can expect from those young receivers.

Final Score

Patriots 31, Bills 14