Take Your Pick: Good offense or good defense in Super Bowl?

Take Your Pick: Good offense or good defense in Super Bowl?
January 30, 2014, 10:15 pm
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Gary Tanguay and Trenni Kusnierek give their picks on whether they would want a good offense or a good defense in the Super Bowl.

It's the Broncos strong passing offense vs. the Seahawks vaunted passing defense this Sunday in the Super Bowl. That begs the question: Which would you rather have, a strong offense or a stout defense in the big game?

On Arbella Early Edition, Trenni Kusnierek and Gary Tanguay debate the question.

Kusnierek is going with offense, particularly if Peyton Manning is at the controls. That's why, she says, it's so frustrating to see Patriots quarterback Tom Brady struggle to find good targets.

"If you've got Tom Brady, you have got to get him some weapons. Brady doesn't address that window he has left the way Manning does," Kusinerek said, adding that Manning has acknowledged that his time to win a championship may be running out.

Tanguay votes defense: "Seattle's going to win the Super Bowl because their defense is going to get to Peyton Manning," he said. "You get into the playoffs and it's a different bvallgame and I've seen defense win the Super Bowl when it counts."