Perillo: Why Ed Reed 'makes sense' for Patriots

Perillo: Why Ed Reed 'makes sense' for Patriots
November 13, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Paul Perillo of "Patriots Football Weekly" joined Felger & Mazz on Wednesday to explain that while he'd would be cautious of the Patriots signing former All-Pro safety Ed Reed, who was released by the Houston Texans this week, ultimately he thinks the move would "make sense."

Reed, 35, the former perennial Pro Bowl selection with the Ravens, has long been a favorite of Patriots coach Bill Belichick. He cleared waivers Wednesday and is now a free agent.

"I just don't think he can play anymore," Perillo said. "That said, there's seven weeks left in the season, you just lost your starting safety [Steve Gregory] to a broken thumb. It may not be a bad idea."

Perillo also pointed out that Reed "hasn't exactly reeked veteran leadership the last couple of years."

Reed said the Texans were "outplayed and outcoached" after their loss last Sunday and was grumbling in his last season in Baltimore, when the Ravens went to the Super Bowl.

Still, Perillo said there is a chance the Patriots want Reed.

"If I can get a guy who is going to be on board for say, 15-20 snaps and be into it, I want that guy," Perillo said. "I'm just not sure he wants to do it."

Does a potential sour attitude get mitigated by Belichick?

"It didn't with Chad Johnson, it didn't with Albert Haynesworth," Michael Felger said.

Yet, when pressed, Perillo said, "I think it makes sense" for the Pats to take a chance on the veteran safety.

"Bring him in, two weeks later, if it doesn't work, see you later," he said.