Perillo: Amendola showed 'a confidence I hadn't seen'

Perillo: Amendola showed 'a confidence I hadn't seen'
October 2, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Paul Perillo of "Patriots Football Weekly" joins "Uno Sports Tonight" and explains why he is confident that Danny Amendola will play and be a factor on Sunday for the Patriots.

Amendola hasn't played since gutting out the second half of the season-opener against the Bills with a groin injury.

"I think this is the week, at least for Amendola," Perillo told Andy Gresh in response to the weekly question about Amendola and tight end Rob Gronkowski's availability as they recover from injuries. "I like the vibe I got from Amendola today. The way he talked today there was a confidence I hadn't seen in prior weeks."

If he does return, Gresh asked, will he continue to play in the same reckless style?

"After a catch, he's got to weigh the pros and cons," Perillo said. "Do I put my head down and fight for more yards or get out of bounds or get down in the middle of the field, which [ex-Patriot] Deon Branch was very good at. I'd like to see him err on the side of caution."