Pats late picks face tough road to make roster

Pats late picks face tough road to make roster
May 10, 2014, 8:00 pm
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A very small percentage of people can tell you what it feels like to be drafted by an NFL team. 

But the dream doesn't end just because you hear your name called at Radio City.

Being drafted is the first step, but players still need to make their teams' respective rosters.

With that in mind, will any of the Patriots late-round picks crack the NFL roster?

Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran says it's especially hard for players drafted by an upper echelon team such as the Patriots. 

The NFL's elite not only have big names locked into starting positions, they generally tend to have establish players for depth as well, making the challenge that much harder for an incoming rookie. 

Take Jon Halapio for example. The guard from Florida will enter a competition with established starters as well as depth guys who have already demonstrated they can hang with NFL competition. 

Zach Moore, taken from Concordia St. Paul, is another late-round pick, and while an incredibly gifted athlete, he has an even larger gap to jump because he's coming from Division II. 

"Because of his structure, because of his size, because of his frame, and because of his relative rawness, he could be a developmental prospect," says Curran.