Over/Under - Super Bowl Edition

Over/Under - Super Bowl Edition
January 31, 2014, 10:00 pm
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Super Bowl fever is in full swing and everyone from sports analysts to octopi are offering their predictions. 

Gary Tanguay and Kirk Minihane are in studio to play a Super Bowl edition of Over/Under.

Marshawn Lynch - 90.5 rushing yards

"I don’t think they need him to rush for a 120 yards to win," says Minihane.

The general consensus is, it doesn't matter whether or not Lynch goes into Beast Mode.

"I think Seattle is going to win this game, but it’s not about the Seattle offense, it’s about the Seattle defense," says Tanguay.

Peyton Manning - 27.5 "Omaha"s

"I feel like this has not been explored," says Minihane sarcastically. "Does he do this? It should get more national coverage."

True to form, Minihane offers a "Minihane" type of answer - "push" - joking that Manning might get out half an Omaha.

Wes Welker - 1.5 dropped passes

Tanguay says Welker will drop two passes but Minihane says 1.5 is a little too high.

"What everybody around here wants," says Minihane, "is Denver to win, Welker an MVP, hold up the Lombardi Trophy and say 'screw you, Bill.' How great a week would that be for us?"

It probably couldn't make the relationship between Welker and Belichick any icier...