Norris: Receivers Patriots could target

Norris: Receivers Patriots could target
April 28, 2014, 6:30 am
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The New England Patriots have never taken a first-round wide receiver since Bill Belichick has been in New England.

Is there a wideout the Patriots should target with the 29th overall pick in the draft?

Josh Norris of Rotoworld doesn't see the Patriots using that pick on a wide receiver.

"I think there's a huge drop-off from Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Odell Beckham Jr. from LSU to the next group." said Norris

If they don't take a receiver with that pick, is there an option later in the draft?

"I'm going to go with Jeremy Gallon of Michigan, " said Norris, "There's a lot of Golden Tate qualities to Jeremy Gallon. He competes at the catchpoint. That's a trait now, where the rules are favoring the offense. It's almost unguardable in certain situations."