Minihane: Tebow 'single worst QB on planet'

Minihane: Tebow 'single worst QB on planet'
August 23, 2013, 8:00 pm
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There should be no worries in Patriots country regarding the team's lead general at quarterback (and if you do, you have ludicrously high standards).

The depth at the position, though, is quite concerning.

Ryan Mallett, the team's flyer third-round pick in 2011 appeared he might be a valuable asset down the road, either as a trade implement or a possible starter in the future. 

But the Boston Globe's Ben Volin, for one, doesn't believe either of these is a viable option considering the state of his play.

"It's tough for Mallet, having to play after Brady every game, it's a tough act to follow, especially those first two games where he was on point with every throw," Volin said. "But still you can tell with Mallett, he's just not developed to a point where you'd feel confident in him being a starting quarterback."

Does that open the door for Mr. Tim Tebow?

Well, that 1-7, -1 yards and 1 INT performance against Tampa Bay still stings for even the most ardent Tebow Patriots fans. 

And if you're WEEI's Kirk Minihane, there is no chance for Tebow to inhabit that back-up role.

"Let's be honest, the guy is the single worst quarterback on planet Earth," Minihane said. "I mean I think he's the worst NFL quarterback I've ever seen in my life. I can't believe how bad Tebow is."