Koppen on Brady injury: ‘Seen it before, but this one …'

Koppen on Brady injury: ‘Seen it before, but this one …'
September 5, 2014, 8:00 am
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After Tom Brady missed Thursday's practice with a calf injury, Patriots fans began to wonder what Brady's status would be for Sunday's game.

On Sports Tonight, former Patriots center Dan Koppen discussed the likelihood of Brady playing.

"I've seen it before and he's come and played in the game," said Koppen. "but this one, you go down to Miami it's hot, it's humid. You can pull something else. There's only one place I've ever cramped up in a game, that's been in Miami."

Could this just be a case of Belichick playing with the injury report?

"I think he's learned his lesson with screwing around with the injury report," said Koppen. "They take that pretty seriously. They comply with the league and get it out there Wednesday and Thursday. They don't really mess with that too much."