How explosive will the new-look Pats offense be?

How explosive will the new-look Pats offense be?
September 6, 2013, 11:15 pm
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The offensive side of the ball has been an especially high flying affair for the Patriots in recent years, is 2013 another chain in that pattern?

With Tom Brady under center, it will likely be the case, but a seamless operation it will not be.

Players like Kenbrell Thompkins and Zach Sudfeld have been hyped to no end in the past couple of months, but that is offseason work, not the pressure an NFL game day brings.

For Brady, a bevy of new weapons will mean a willingness to loosen the reins a touch on his perfectionism.

That might not be so easy, but as Mike Flynn points out, it is necessary.

"He's going to need patience because with that group you're going to have growing pains," Flynn said. "He's going to have to deal with these frustrations because he's used to having it done a certain way, he's used to having skill guys that are on the same page as he is. It's going to be keeping his frustration in check."

"The last thing you want to do is three quarters into Sudfeld or Thompkins' first game, he's getting hammered on the sideline by your starting quarterback Tom Brady because he missed a check or he missed a hot route. So that's going to be key for him early."

As for the other half of the offense, the running game, some more proven commodities appear to be in place. Stevan Ridley is fresh off 1,200-yard rushing season, and although he played a smaller role, Shane Vereen proved a threat in the New England offense.

Even Brandon Bolden filled in admirably and newcomer LeGarette Blount has a 1,000-yard rushing season on his NFL resume.

With so many options there though, how exactly will the Patriots deploy this mix of speed and brute force among its backs?

Whatever the case, Flynn is secure in how this group will perform in 2013.

"Vereen's a little bit of an unknown, he hasn't had full volume for a year, physically though I think he's going to be great. I think he's an upgrade from Woodhead. I [also] like Ridley a lot, I don't know if the Patriots have that 300-carry type of back, but he's going to be your focus," Flynn said. "You have another big power runner Blount, Bolden can go in there, I think it's a talented group. They have a lot of depth there and I think it's a position of strength."