Has preseason changed your confidence in Pats?

Has preseason changed your confidence in Pats?
August 20, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Mike Felger has seen enough in two preseason games to make the Patriots his preseason favorites, but Lou Merloni isn't so sure.

Merloni is joined by WEEI's Chris Price and Kirk Minihane to discuss how the Pats have looked over two preseason games and what it means in the long run.

Price is impressed with what he's seen so far, but isn't quite on Felger's level.

"I don't have them winning the Super Bowl just yet, but I think there were a lot of unknowns when you were looking at this team particularly on the offensive side of the ball," Price said. "I don't know if anything has been cleared up particularly but when you look at this group of young wide receivers, I think you can make the argument that they're a little bit farther along than I think a lot of people thought they would be at this stage of the summer. They're not great. They're not a group of world-beaters, but at the same time they're good for where they are right now."

Minihane has one question for Lou: Who is that much better than New England?

Merloni thinks they'll be a good team, but wants to see them late in a meaningful game before he buys in.

"I've always believed in the fourth quarter of a real game, who shows up?" Merloni asked. "We don't know. Think about these guys. Does anybody have any resumes on anyone? Even Amendola?" Amendola in a big game?"

We'll find out soon enough.

Price thinks Brandon Spikes will have a good year for the Patriots, and he's excited about what Aqib Talib can do with the team for a full year.