Fill in the Blank: Biggest Pats concern?

Fill in the Blank: Biggest Pats concern?
August 16, 2014, 3:30 pm
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On Sports Tonight, Lou Merloni, Jerry Thornton and Kevin Paul Dupont do a little "Fill in the Blank" on the Patriots.

Tom Brady's attempt to tackle Cary Williams on Williams' pick-6 against Brady Friday night was _________________?

"Something that made my life pass before my eyes," said Thornton. "Generally speaking, the rare times you see Tom Brady try to get in someone's way, I want to run on the field and cradle him in my arms like Kevin Costner in "The Bodyguard."

Said Dupont: "Given what happened, I'd say it was to stay healthy for Gisele."

___________ is my biggest concern about the Patriots after watching tonight's game?

Thornton: "Tight ends beyond Gronk. When you're lining up undrafted guys and offensive lineman and saying, 'Here you go Tom...?'"

When I see the penalty flag I want to ____________?

Thornton: "Slap [NFL commissioner] Roger Goodell upside the head. This is his vision of the game..."

Dupont: "The best football is smashmouth football. Not that I want to see guys get decapitated or paralyzed. But to turn it into ticky tack football? This is worse than the XFL."

Merloni: "If I'm Bill Belichick, I'd say, 'Why run?' "If this is what you're going to get [a call and penalty yardage] every time you throw the ball?"