Dan Koppen on Brady vs Manning

Dan Koppen on Brady vs Manning
April 9, 2014, 9:15 pm
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Ex-Bronco and Patriot center Dan Koppen weighs in on the Brady-Manning debate.

Dan Koppen has snapped the ball to both future Hall of Famers, so he has a unique perspective on the Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning argument.

The ex-Patriots and Broncos center weighed in on Arbella Early Edition.

"It's really weird in that my first start [as a Bronco] came against Patriots at Gillette," Koppen recalled. "I've know Tom for a long time. I've known Peyton, too, but I'm closer to Tom. I'm probably more Pro-Brady than anything else. Their difference is their personality. Tommy's more the California type. He shows his emtoions more. Peyton's more reserved and is all football all the time.

"They arrive at [decisions in the pocket] the same way. They know were the ball is going before it's snapped. That helps their offensive line...You can't play for two better ones, that's for sure."