Curran on why Pats chose Moore over Sam

Curran on why Pats chose Moore over Sam
May 10, 2014, 8:30 pm
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With the NFL Draft in its final rounds, Michael Sam was still on the board. Sam figured to become the first openly gay player in the NFL.

The Patriots were considered to be one of the teams interested in Sam, but instead they went with Zach Moore from Concordia St. Paul.


Forget the names. Based on this description alone, which player would you choose?

Player A is a defensive end. He's a gifted athlete. He played in Division II. 

Player B is a defensive end. He's a gifted athlete. He was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. 

Raise your hand if you would choose Player A over Player B. 

Both Moore (Player A) and Sam (Player B) are talented athletes who heard their names called in the late rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft. 

Zach Moore went to the Patriots in the sixth round. Michael Sam went to the Rams in the seventh.  

Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran explains why the Patriots made the right call by taking Moore over Sam. 

"They play the same position," says Curran. "Michael Sam is 6-feet-2-inches, 261 pounds, runs a 4.9 [40 yard dash] with [a] 25-inch vertical.

"Zach Moore is 6-foot-6-inches, 270 pounds, runs a 4.8 [40 yard dash] and has a 33-inch vertical."

Based on size alone, Moore figures to have the advantage against the bigger, tougher competition of the NFL. 

"Michael Sam might not get any better than he already played in college," says Curran.

Only time will tell whether a player from Division II makes a better pro than the reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Year.