Curran: 'Highly unlikely' Patriots land Jackson

Curran: 'Highly unlikely' Patriots land Jackson
March 22, 2014, 9:45 pm
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The Patriots have already made a noticeable upgrade to their defense. 

If they wanted to do the same to their offense, there's a wide receiver in Philly who just might be looking for a new home. 

Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson is rumored to be very available - either via trade or release - and the Patriots could use an upgrade to their receiving corp.

But Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran doesn't like the chances of a deal getting done. 

"Nobody thought Darrelle Revis was coming to the Patriots, so in terms of DeSean Jackson, I can’t say no way, never, never, uh-uh-uh, but, highly unlikely," says Curran.

If the Patriots were to trade for Jackson, they would owe him a $10.5 million salary - a number the Patriots probably aren't comfortable with. And that number might get even larger.

"Jackson is already dissatisfied with his level of pay and is looking for a restructure," says Curran. "It’s that kind of agitation that Chip Kelly has kind of thrown his hands up to and said, you know what, as good as he is, we can’t have him around at that price tag and for what he gives us." 

Curran says the Patriots will do their "due-diligence" on Jackson, but will likely be turned off by motivational concerns.

"[The Patriots will] know that when he’s dissatisfied, he can turn it off, which is something he admitted to a couple years ago when the Eagles didn’t re-negotiate his contract. 

"Traded or released, I think the Patriots would be very remiss and very reluctant to get themselves into the DeSean Jackson business."

Tom Brady probably wouldn't mind a new down-field threat...