Bills coach aware of Pats dominance

Bills coach aware of Pats dominance
September 3, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Asked Monday if he was familiar with the success the Patriots have had against his Bills, Buffalo head coach Doug Marrone challenged, “I’m ready. I like trivia pursuit, so go ahead and ask me.”

When a query began, by stating, “I believe they are 3-25 . . . ” Marrone broke in, adding, “2-20 in the last 10 years I believe.”

With unsettledness at the quarterback position for Buffalo as the opener approaches, Marrone understands the expectation is for the Patriots' dominance to continue.

“We’ll be challenged every week in this league,” said Marrone. “We understand that and that’s the one thing that you kind of have to block out.

“When you go out there and you see a reaction of ‘the same old Bills’ That’s not the case,” said Marrone. “That’s what part of the stuff obviously that we try to work on, making sure that things are different. There is a lot of change and change is good at times. We’re working on that with the players to make sure that they understand that so you go in there with a breath of fresh air and attack and play. Like I always tell the players, there’s not a lot of great answers except to just go out there, work hard and get on that field.”

With first-round quarterback E.J. Manuel coming back from knee surgery and undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel also in the mix, the Bills’ situation under center is not enviable.

Marrone insisted he’s “excited” to start the season with two rookies, though.

“I’m sure that a lot of the people here that have been interviewing Jeff (Tuel), been interviewing EJ (Manuel) and have watched them on the field both in the preseason and practice would be excited too to see what they’re going to do in a game type situation,” Marrone began. “It’s unfortunate what happened to Kevin (Kolb, the veteran has a severe concussion). We really would have liked Kevin here for a lot of different reasons."

Competing for the starting job and then also just to help the younger guys along. All it does is just comes back to us and we need to make sure that they’re doing all of the things that we expect them to do when we’re not around, with the film study and watching film.

“I think to answer your question, I think it’s very difficult, if someone is reading it or hearing it and they’ve not be around those two people they might say, ‘He’s crazy,’ ” Marrone acknowledged. “I think that if you’ve been around them and watched them you’d say these two guys look pretty darn good.”