Belichick mum on Hernandez story

Belichick mum on Hernandez story
August 30, 2013, 1:00 pm
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If you thought Bill Belichick was going to open up in the immediate aftermath of the Rolling Stone Aaron Hernandez story, well you just haven't been paying attention for the last 14 years.

The Patriots head coach was questioned on just that subject by Albert Breer in his post game press conference Thursday, and he made it emphatically clear that he was not willing to talk about the Rolling Stone piece under any circumstances.

Breer opened with a query regarding the "Gangster in the Huddle" article, and Belichick brushed it off with a brief uninviting response.
"Don't have anything to add."

When the NFL Network reporter continued to pester Belichick on this topic, his stance remained firm, as he tacked on three more "Don't have anything to add" statements to the tally before finally saying "Next question."

It still was not finished though. Breer spoke up again, and Belichick, in a clearly agitated tone, shot him down once again.

"I told you I don't have any comment about that, there's nothing more I said that I'm going to say about it."

That still didn't put Breer at bay, and Belichick ended the discussion by beseeching another reporter to change the subject, asking "Anything else? Anything else?" after Breer's last futile attempt.

Ultimately the exchange was classic Belichick, and nobody knows for sure when (or if) he will address the Rolling Stone feature. As always in New England, fans will have to wait on a coach who will never give anything willingly away.