Wakeup Call: Enjoy Jeter's finale in style for $244,202

Wakeup Call: Enjoy Jeter's finale in style for $244,202
July 17, 2014, 8:00 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Thursday, July 17:


Septuagenarians and octogenarians rise to Morgan Shepherd's defense against those who say he's too old to race. (NBC's Motor Sports Talk) 


If you want to rent a suite at Yankee Stadium for Derek Jeter's last regular-season home game, it'll only set you back $244,202. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

MLB and Fox release a statement about their "snub" of the late Tony Gwynn at the All-Star Game, saying many important baseball figures -- Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner, Frank Cashen, and former All-Stars Jerry Coleman, Jim Fregosi and Don Zimmer -- died over the last year and they "did not want to slight anyone by singling out one individual". (Hardball Talk)

Don't blame Adam Wainwright for his pipe shots. Blame MLB for assigning something of great importance -- home-field advantage in the World Series -- to such a meaningless exhibition as the All-Star Game. (Yahoo! Sports)

Nelson Cruz didn't have much of an All-Star Game -- 0-for-2 with a strikeout -- but he made up for it with an impressive number of selfies. (CSN Baltimore)

Uh, oh: Aroldis Chapman reinjures his hamstring during his All-Star Game appearance. (Hardball Talk)

Old friend Joel Hanrahan isn't close to being sufficiently recovered from Tommy John surgery to be able to rejoin the Tigers. (Hardball Talk)

Not only don't the Angels have enough prospects to acquire David Price, they don't have enough to acquire Ian Kennedy. (Hardball Talk)

The Brewers haven't been able to contact Jean Segura, who flew home to the Dominican Republic last week after the sudden death of his 9-month-old son. (Hardball Talk)


Rodney Bullock and Brandon Austin, who were suspended for all of Providence College's 2013-14 Big East championship season after being accused of sexual assault, will not be charged with a crime as a grand jury determines there is insufficient evidence to move the case forward. Bullock remains at PC but Austin transferred to Oregon, which expelled him from school after another sexual-assault allegation. (AP)

Here's one way to recruit brothers. (AP)

Why in the world would anyone have Jim Boeheim's face tattooed anywhere on their body? (NBC's College Basketball Talk)


Two North Carolina State assistants rescue a young woman who flipped her car while texting and driving. (NBC's College Football Talk)

How about we let this kid play a game before we start comparing him to Michael Jordan and Adrian Peterson? (Yahoo! Sports)

According to a new book, Texas offered Nick Saban a package worth more than $100 million to bolt from Tuscaloosa to Austin . . . and he still said no. (College Football Talk)

Alabama and USC will open the 2016 season at the Cowboys Classic in Arlington, Tex. (College Football Talk)

Pitt defensive lineman Ejuan Price will miss the 2014 season after suffering a torn pectoral muscle. (College Football Talk)

Nigel Bethel II, kicked off Texas Tech's football team after an altercation with women's basketball player Amber Battle, has been reinstated -- though he'll be suspended for the first three games of the season -- after a grand jury declined to indict him on an aggravated assault charge. Battle, who admitted starting the altercation when she shoved Bethel during a pickup basketball game, has been suspended from her team for the month of November. (AP)

Auburn blames "media personnel" for hacking its Web site and prematurely publishing biographical information on recruit Rashaan Evans -- who wound up going to Alabama -- on Signing Day. (Yahoo! Sports) 

A St. Louis agent not only had dinner with four University of Texas players last March, but he named them all -- defensive end Cedric Reed, defensive tackle Desmond Jackson and linebackers Steve Edmond and Jordan Hicks -- on Twitter. And such contact is big NCAA no-no. Maybe the agent can blame "media personnel" for hacking his Twitter account . . . (College Football Talk)


It's been a woeful sporting summer for the British -- early exit from the World Cup, Andy Murray failing to defend his Wimbledon title, Chris Froome out of the Tour de France -- but Justin Rose and 18 of his English countrymen have a chance to lift spirits if one of them can win the British Open. (AP)


Ex-Canuck Jason Garrison veers away from the Vancouver party line and says the team's struggles last year weren't all the fault of Torts. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

The Sabres consider Tyler Ennis to be one of the cornerstones of their rebuilding effort, and they prove how much they value him with a five-year, $23 million contract. (AP)


Shabazz Napier endeared himself to Heat Nation when word leaked that he unfollowed LeBron James on Twitter after LeBron bolted for Cleveland. But now the ex-UConn star (and Heat rookie) says unnamed others run his account and that he doesn't "know how to work Twitter yet and I’m not on my Twitter." (CSN Washington)

No matter how bad Miami gets post-LeBron, Dwyane Wade's staying put: He has a no-trade clause in his new contract. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Yet another ex-member of the Heat, James Jones, joins the Cavs. With LeBron and Mike Miller, that makes three. (AP)

The NBA is considering tweaks to the lottery system that would discourage tanking. (Yahoo! Sports)

There go your best-laid plans, eh, Sam Hinkie? (CSN Philly)

Well, no one can say old friend Jason Terry doesn't tell it like it is regarding the Kings. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Pacers replace Lance Stephenson with Rodney Stuckey. (AP)

The Warriors exiled Brandon Rush to Utah last year in a salary cap move. Now they're bringing him back. (CSN Bay Area)

Ed Davis is getting the chance to re-energize his career with the Lakers. (AP)

The NBA is actually looking into running an FA Cup-style midseason tournament in Las Vegas. How seriously they're looking into it is another question. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The transgender sibling of the Clippers' Reggie Bullock is found murdered in Baltimore. (AP)


Michael Robinson's days with the Seahawks appear to be over, and he warns that -- without veterans like himself to keep them in line -- Seattle's young players, suddenly flush with fame and money, may let their egos run wild . . . to the detriment of the team. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Chris Snee will be on the field when the Giants open camp next week. But how long will he stay there? (Pro Football Talk)

Leodis McKelvin won't (be on the field, that is); he's one of five Bills placed on the active/physically unable to perform list. (AP)

John Elway says the Broncos won't be giving Julius Thomas a Jimmy Graham-like contract because he's not Jimmy Graham. (Pro Football Talk)


Maybe he didn't learn anything the first two times he bit an opponent. But Barcelona, Luis Suarez' new employer, thinks the third time's the charm. (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk)

Did the World Cup whet your appetite for top-flight soccer? Here are six must-see Premier League games you can watch on the mothership. (Pro Soccer Talk)


The most recent edition of Inspire, the English-language online publication of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, listed the U.S. Open as a potential target for a terrorist attack. But New York police say they haven't detected any unusual activity. (AP)