Speier: Put Sizemore in left, Bradley Jr. in center

Speier: Put Sizemore in left, Bradley Jr. in center
April 10, 2014, 6:30 am
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After another good day Wednesday for Jackie Bradley Jr. (three walks, two runs scored) in the Red Sox's 4-2 comeback victory over the Rangers has presented the team with an outfield dilemma when Shane Victorino returns from the disabled list.

What's the ideal outfield? And who is the odd man out in the group when Victorino comes back?

WEEI's Alex Speier, on Sports Tonight, said that moving Grady Sizemore to left field, with Bradley Jr. in center is the ideal outfield setup for the Sox.

"My impressions [of the best outfield] have evolved as I think the Red Sox's have. Namely, that Grady Sizemore probably right now is not situated ideally for center field," Speier said. "We saw a coupe of misplays on this homestand [by Sizemore in center]. Everyone has reached point where they see Jackie Bradley Jr. in center with Grady Sizemore protected in left and Shane Victorino in right... If this is who Jackie Bradley can be, then that clearly is your best team."

And who is left out among Sizmore, Victorino, Bradley Jr., Mike Carp, Jonny Gomes and Daniel Nava when Victorino returns?

Lou Merloni said, "Carp and Nava to me are the same guy," adding that Gomes' right-handed bat keeps him in the mix. He sees Carp as the odd man out. Speier agrees.