Shaughnessy: Sox a 'house money' team

Shaughnessy: Sox a 'house money' team
February 6, 2014, 11:45 pm
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On Sports Tonight, Michael Felger asks, if, as currently constituted heading into spring training, the Red Sox are too young?

"No," answers Marc "The Beetle" Bertrand of 98.5 The Sports Hub's "Felger & Mazz" show. "This is a part of their plan. They're getting back to their core beliefs of developing from within. Are they too young to be a World Series favorite? Probably. I don't expect them to be that. The time is now. Let's see what you have with these guys."

With Will Middlebrooks at third, Xander Bogaerts at shortstop and Jackie Bradley Jr. in center, one-third of the lineup isn't that experienced.

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy said that after winning it all, the Red Sox can afford to go young.

"This is so much a house money team after what happened," Shaughnessy said. "No one expects them to win the World Series again. They lost their catcher [Jarrod Saltalamacchia], center fielder [Jacoby Ellsbury] and shortstop [Stephen Drew]. That usually guts your team. The sentiment is so in their favor. Some of these things just won't work out. Three new bats in the lineup is a lot."

Among the new acquisitions, Shaughnessy is curious about oft-injured Grady Sizemore, who is attempting a comeback after not playing for two seasons.

"I'm interested to see Sizemore," Shaughnessy said. "He hasn't played in two years. I'm interested to see if he has something in the tank."

Bertrand has his doubts about that signing.

"That move deserves more criticism," he said. "You have Jackie Bradley Jr. who you're trying to bring along and that's who you're going with for your fourth outfielder is a guy who hasn't played in two years?"