Ross battling through plantar fasciitis

Ross battling through plantar fasciitis
July 23, 2014, 6:30 pm
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TORONTO -- Catcher David Ross is battling a case of plantar fasciitis in his right heel, but believes he can continue to play through the condition.

Ross aggravated the condition running down to first base last night in the fifth inning and was hobbling enough that he had to be removed in the ninth inning following his third of the night.

Still, he believes it can be managed. He's dealt with it before, back in 2007, in his left heel. More recently, with some soreness in that same heel, leading him to favor his right foot as he runs.

That, in turn, led to the right heel becoming an issue due to the over-compensation.

The best thing for Ross would be for the tendons in the heel to be ruptured, which Ross did on the left heel several years ago.

"It would feel a lot better if it did (rupture),'' said Ross.

Christian Vazquez was the starting catcher Wednesday night and manager John Farrell anticipated that the rookie would catch again in Thursday's matinee, the final game of the series here.

"Everything points to (Ross) being able to catch Jon (Lester) on Friday down in Tampa,'' said Farrell.
"It's been going on for a few days," Ross said. "I was getting better. It was getting a lot better. I just aggravated on that one swing. It's not going to keep me from playing, I don't think. Itís one of those things that's going to affect my running a little bit, which is definitely not something (Farrell) is worrying about -- my speed to help the team if it would."