Merloni: Who are the most likely Sox to be traded?

Merloni: Who are the most likely Sox to be traded?
July 27, 2014, 9:00 pm
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The MLB Trade Deadline is Thursday and the Red Sox already made a deal, sending Jake Peavy to the Giants.

Who could be next?

On The Baseball Show, Lou Merloni and Jess Moran broke down the top three players the Red Sox could deal by the deadline.

"Next guy, Mr. Jonny Gomes," said Merloni. "There's something about this guy, he just wins. You may not like the way he plays defense out there in the outfield. But to me Jonny Gomes is a guy that's extremely valuable to a contending team."

Mike Carp requested a trade on Saturday, Merloni would grant his request.

"Mike Carp, to me, you trade him. There's no question about it," explained Merloni. "Somebody would like the left-handed bat off the bench."

The final player Merloni believes will be traded is shortstop Stephen Drew.

"Whoever gets him will almost look at the season so far as Spring Training for this guy," said Merloni. "I want to get the player who can defend and swing the bat."

Merloni also pointed out a common thread between the three players.

"Pieces, role pieces and you can replace each and every one of them with someone in the organization."