Merloni: Uehara trade would be indicator of 'selling'

Merloni: Uehara trade would be indicator of 'selling'
July 6, 2014, 10:00 pm
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With the Red Sox underachieving during the 2014 season, there have been many questioning whether or not the Sox be buyers or sellers. 

Sean McAdam looks at a stretch of games that could be make or break for the team. 

"This week is huge," said McAdam. "They need to go like 5-2 in this next seven to send any kind of signal to the front office that it's worth going out and trying to make this team better."

Lou Merloni wants the Red Sox to think about the future.

"No matter what Ben [Cherington] does, he's got to have next year in mind," said Merloni. "I'm not going to rent a player, they're certainly not going to trade for a corner outfielder that's only going to be here for the next two months."

Merloni believes if the team deals one individual, it would indicate whether or not they are throwing in the towel.

"If you sell Peavy off, I don't know if that's really selling," said Merloni. "Because I want to see more Rubby De La Rosa. Even A.J. [Pierzynski], you want to see Christian Vazquez, who maybe can handle this staff."

"If they trade Koji, then they're saying right now, 'we've got no shot.'"