Merloni: 'Bite the bullet' and sign Stephen Drew

Merloni: 'Bite the bullet' and sign Stephen Drew
May 19, 2014, 12:30 am
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The Red Sox have had some troubles offensive with the left side of their infield this season.

Lou Merloni told the Baseball Show panel that he has the answer.

"You sign Stephen Drew." said Merloni, "You bite the bullet… You bring this guy back here, you put him at shortstop and you say, 'Bogaerts, you're at third. Will [Middlebrooks], you go down [to Triple-A] and figure this thing out."

Sean McAdam brings up the point that Drew might not be ready to play in the Major Leagues until the middle of June.

"The next five weeks you gut it out." continued Merloni, "Then you know you got a shortstop coming at the end of June. This isn't going to get any better with what you have here."