McAdam: Analyzing the Hall of Fame vote

McAdam: Analyzing the Hall of Fame vote
January 8, 2014, 8:30 pm
Share This Post's Red Sox Insider joins SportsNet Central to discuss Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine & Frank Thomas getting elected to Cooperstown.

McAdam is a Hall of Fame voter. Here's his ballot:

Maddux and Glavine, the Braves pitching duo, were considered locks to get in. McAdam said the election of Thomas shows that voters might be coming around on the position of designated hitter.

The two arguments against Thomas were that more than 60 percent of his playing time was as a DH and that he was a product of the performance-enhancing drug era.

"The DH rule is 40 years old," McAdam said. "I think people are finally coming around and seeing it as a position."

McAdam also pointed out that Thomas was "outspoken about wanting testing [for PEDs] years and years before his union was. I think that takes him out of the shadow of PEDs."

As for long-time Astros second baseman/center fielder Craig Biggio, who narrowly missed election, McAdam said Biggio's "3,000 hits are nothing to sneeze at" but he never regarded Biggio as one of the dominant players of his era.

"I'm a 'small hall' voter," McAdam said. "I'm a little tougher than others."