Farrell 'fine' if Victorino hits right-handed

Farrell 'fine' if Victorino hits right-handed
March 8, 2014, 1:30 pm
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After injuring his left hamstring outfielder Shane Victorino started exclusively hitting right-handed.

Victorino has not been been swinging left-handed during batting practice, leading many to wonder if he has given up switch hitting completely.

"It's almost going to be a game-time decision. I think he has his viewpoints on it and where his confidence is," manager John Farrell said to the Boston Globe "He hasn't told me that he's eliminating switch-hitting."

After the 33-year-old hit .300 in 115 plate appearances hitting from the right side of the plate against a right-handed pitcher, his manager is open to the change.

"The right side has always been his strong side," continued Farrell. "I think last year his production against right-handed pitching probably has enabled him to be a little bit more open-minded to getting the majority of at-bats from that side of the plate."

"We want the most productive player," he said. "If that's what it lends to, we'd be perfectly fine with it if that's what he opts to do."