Did Ortiz deserve MLB reprimand over scoring?

Did Ortiz deserve MLB reprimand over scoring?
June 21, 2014, 12:15 pm
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The reprimand from MLB, via a statement from it's chief of discipline Joe Torre, to David Ortiz over his complaining about an official scorer's call this week was justified, our Sports Tonight panel of Lou Merloni, The Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont and SportsNet Central's Mike Giardi concluded.

"He's comes across as petty and petulant. You wonder where the guy's focus is?" Dupont said of Ortiz's complaints and gesturing on the field after his hard shot to Twins first baseman Joe Mauer was ruled an error instead of a hit in a game the Red Sox would eventually win in dramatic fashion, 2-1, thanks in part to an Ortiz tying home run.

"It's gone on for a while. At some point you have to hear, 'Grow up,'" Dupont said. "The most offensive thing to my ear is that you're expecting the hometown scorer to give him the homey call."

Said Merloni: "That's the why Joe Torre responded. Joe Torre has to protect the integrity of the scorers throughout the league."