Buckley: Lester taking 'mature approach'

Buckley: Lester taking 'mature approach'
July 15, 2014, 6:30 am
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"He's taking the big boy approach about this." - Steve Buckley

On Monday, contract talk followed Jon Lester to Minnesota and the All-Star break.

Steve Buckley joined Arbella Early Edition to give his take on the left-hander's ongoing contract discussions.  

"Jon Lester is taking a very measured and mature approach about this," said Buckley. "He recognizes that this is a business and he said 'these guys,' referring to the owners, didn't get rich by being stupid with their money. So he's taking the big boy approach about this."

Lester may be in his thirties, but Buckley doesn't see that as a good excuse not to sign him.

"This particular pitcher happens to have been with the organization his entire life," explained Buckley. "Wants to remain with the organization, has never been hurt, has never come into a season out of shape, on and on and on."