Buckley: Castillo 'evidence' Sox want to be competitive

Buckley: Castillo 'evidence' Sox want to be competitive
August 25, 2014, 1:00 am
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The Red Sox have made a splash in the international free agent market with the signing of center fielder Rusney Castillo.

Steve Buckley joined Sports Sunday to explain why the signing was a good sign for the future.

"It's a fantastic signing in that it's the first tangible evidence that we have that they are ticketing a season of competitiveness next season," said Buckley. "Up until that signing [Saturday] it was all smoke and mirrors. It was all talk, 'of course we're going to put a competitive team on the field.'"

Buckley has one big concern about the signing.

"He's never had a Major League at bat," said Buckley. "I think to assume that he puts up Jacoby Ellsbury [numbers] at his best, you have to see it first."