Borges: Pineda 'asking for it' with pine tar

Borges: Pineda 'asking for it' with pine tar
April 24, 2014, 8:30 am
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The backlash from Michael Pineda's pine tar incident has just begun.

Marc Bertrand and Ron Borges joined Sports Tonight to discuss Pineda's gaffe.

Michael Felger was happy someone called the Yankees pitcher out, but Bertrand believes Farrell's actions will lead to issues for the Red Sox.

"Now there are going to be managers looking for the Red Sox to have something on their glove or on their neck" said Bertrand, "As much as it is against the code to cheat, it's even more against the code to be ratting guys out."

Borges doesn't believe that Farrell 'ratted Pineda out.'

"Are you ratting the guy out if he walks into a bank with a shotgun in his hand and mask over his face?" said Borges, "The guy was stupid, he was asking for it. He was begging for it."

Should it be the manager's responsibility to point out the illegal substance?

"Why do the managers have to be the ones to call the guy out?" asked Bertrand, "Why don't the umpires actually take charge of the game, look out to the mound to see Pineda and say, 'what is this guy doing?'"