Bogaerts makes costly error in sixth inning

Bogaerts makes costly error in sixth inning
July 23, 2014, 11:30 pm
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TORONTO -- Young players are bound to make mistakes. Often, though, they seem to take place at the worst possible time.

Case in point: Xander Bogaerts, in the sixth inning Wednesday night.

The Red Sox had taken a 4-3 lead into the bottom of the sixth when a one-out walk to Josh Thole and a triple to Ryan Goins tied the game at 4-4.

Clay Buchholz then fanned Anthony Gose and when he got leadoff hitter Jose Reyes to hit a bouncer to third, it appeared as though Buchholz and the Red Sox were about to get out of the inning still tied.

But Bogaerts, after fielding the ball cleanly to his backhand side, seemed to hurry his throw to first. It skipped in the dirt and Mike Napoli couldn't hold on as Goins scored the go-ahead run.

"It was a ball in the dirt...just tried to pick it,'' said Napoli. "I'm pretty good at picking balls and didn't come up with it. I was kind of falling over a little bit. It's a play I've made in the past and I expect to make and I didn't make the play."

For Bogaerts, who wasn't in the clubhouse when reporters entered and thus unavailable for comment, it was his ninth error at third since being moved there on June 7, covering 38 games.

Reyes runs well and Napoli was asked if he thought Bogarts hurried his throw in recognition of the shortstop's speed.

"He could see it in front of him, but you'd have to ask him," said Napoli. "But you have to be quick with it. Him being quick down the line, it's a play you have to get your feet under you and be quick."

"He probably didn't get his feet set,'' offered John Farrell of the errant throw by Bogaerts, "and it's that in-betwen play where the velocity or the intensity of the throw was a little bit in-between and he short-hops Nap at first base. Reyes was probably two full body lengths away from the bag.

"The spin off the bat took him to his backhand, but he still fielded the ball in good shape. But it seemed like he didn't quite get his feet set to deliver a firm throw.''