Welsh on Calhoun or Amaker for BC

Welsh on Calhoun or Amaker for BC
March 24, 2014, 1:45 am
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There was a report on Friday that former UConn coach Jim Calhoun has interest in coaching at BC.

The problem? It was also reported that BC wasn't interested.

Well then. Whether or not they should is another discussion. Is Calhoun, who is almost 72, ready to come back to coach?

Tim Welsh thinks he is.

"I talked to him, I saw him last week in Memphis," Welsh said, "he's healthy, he's got a little itch still, why not? . . . If he wants the opportunity to coach again, someone should give him that opportunity. Because, by the way, he's got three rings and Mike Krzyzewski has four and that's the only person in the game currently who has more than him. If he wants the opportunity, I think some school will give him that. I don't know if the fit is there for BC.

Is the fit there for Harvard coach Tommy Amaker? And as Mike Felger points out, would Amaker even want to coach there over Harvard? BC hasn't exactly been a top basketball program recently.

"BC is not a bottom feeder as everyone sees," Welsh said. "It's a great institution, it has program recognition, and it's got great tradition as well. So I don't see why not a guy like Tommy Amaker can't come in and win right away. He knows from being at Michigan, being at Seton Hall, he can recruit at the highest level, he can coach at the highest level. It's just a matter of fact if he wants to jump into that. And he doesn't have to move which is nice."