Green's 'D' on Anthony paves way for Celtics

Green's 'D' on Anthony paves way for Celtics
December 13, 2013, 11:15 pm
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BOSTON — It was that kind of night for Jeff Green offensively.

"Offensively, I played like poop," Green said.

"Defensively in the second half, that was the only way I could get on the floor."

And while much of the focus following Boston's 90-86 win centered around their comeback which included a driving lay-up by Green with less than 10 seconds to play, it was his defense on Carmelo Anthony that kept the Celtics afloat long enough to rally for the win.

Poopy offense or not (Jared Sullinger, whose locker is next to Green, could not stop  laughing after hearing Green's description of his game offensively), Green showcased that he can indeed take his game to another level when needed.

But instead of it being as a scorer, he did it as a lockdown defender.

Brandon Bass spent most of the game guarding Anthony, who led all scorers with 26 points.

But of those 26 points, only six came in the second half which was primarily when Green guarded him.

And for the final eight minutes of play, Anthony scored just three points.

But those points came while he was guarded by Bass.

"You talk about kind of an unpredictable thing because I like Jeff guarding anybody, but we really thought we had a good matchup with Bass on Carmelo, and we started that way," said Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.

Bass' defense on Anthony was instrumental in Boston's 41-point beat down of the Knicks on Dec. 8 at Madison Square Garden.

Not surprisingly, Anthony made some adjustments and had a much better game offensively when guarded by Bass on Friday.

Defending Anthony can take a lot out of anyone defensively, which might have explained Green's 3-for-7 shooting night which ended with him scoring just eight points. It snapped a 12-game run of double-digit scoring games for the 6-foot-9 forward.

"I wouldn't say his offense took me out of rhythm on my offensive side," Green said. "I just played like poop. I had to find a way to try and get myself in the game and help my team win."

Said Stevens: "Jeff went to a different level in the last eight minutes (defensively) than he was in the first stint at guarding him late in the first half. And that's really encouraging to see, because I really thought he did a great job."

Which proved to be more than enough for the Celtics to come away with a win as their leading scorer - Green - has a poopy game scoring.