In C's-Nets deal, Terry more than just a throw-in

In C's-Nets deal, Terry more than just a throw-in
October 23, 2013, 6:45 pm
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BOSTON — When Kevin Garnett made up his mind to waive his no-trade clause and head to Brooklyn, one of the first people he called was Jason Terry.

Terry said the message from Garnett was succinct.

You're coming to Brooklyn, too.


Garnett's phone call was the first Terry had heard about the potential trade that ultimately sent Garnett, Paul Pierce and Terry to the Nets.

"Originally they had someone else in the deal, but Kevin requested that they get me in that deal," Terry told

The inclusion of Terry ultimately led to the Celtics adding Keith Bogans to the trade and paying him more than $5 million this season, which is comparable to Terry's salary.

As much as the talk surrounding the blockbuster deal focused on the Pierce-Garnett tandem heading to Brooklyn, players and coaches agree that the inclusion of Terry also has great value.

"Paul and Ticket [Garnett] get a lot of the limelight because of who they are and the body of work they did," said Nets guard Deron Williams. "But Jet's [Terry] did a lot in this league as well. He's a champion, he's a great leader and he was a huge pick up for us as well."

After having had offseason knee surgery, Terry made his preseason debut Wednesday against his former team.

Even had he not been traded, there's a strong possibility that Terry would still be wearing another uniform this season.

With the Celtics clearly in rebuilding mode now, Terry isn't sure he would have wanted to stick around for that process.

"Not at this stage of my career," said Terry. "I could have done it; nothing's impossible. But for me where I'm at and my goals which are to win champoinships, this is an ideal situation for me."

The same can be said for playing with Garnett.

"He was the reason I came to Boston in the first place," Terry said. "He was the first one to call me. Before he made his decision this time, he called me again. He was like, 'look man, if I'm going, you're going.'

Terry added, "my locker's next to his. We're sort of attached at the hip."

As Terry did in Boston and most of his NBA stops, he will come off the Nets bench which is a role that he has embraced for years.

Nets coach Jason Kidd, a former teammate of Terry's in Dallas, sees that aspect of Terry's personality also being a key to the Nets' success this season.

"He's one that has accepted it [coming off the bench], and he's one that can share with other guys how important that role is," Kidd told "It doesn't matter if you're coming off the bench, you can still have a big impact in a game."

Nets point guard Deron Williams has known Terry for years. They often worked out together in the summer when Terry played for the Mavericks.

"He's always been a great guy, one of those guys that's always had that mentor feel to him," Williams said. "He's always talking to guys, always dropping knowledge. He's been great for this team."

Williams added, "Not only what he does on the court, but what he brings to the locker room and leadership-wise and what he's going to bring to the bench guys. He's going to keep those guys ready to go and let them know how important they are to this team's success."