Brad Stevens interview: What you won't see on TV

Brad Stevens interview: What you won't see on TV
May 17, 2014, 2:45 pm
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On Sunday and Monday evening at 6 p.m., Comcast SportsNet will run a two-part interview with Celtics coach Brad Stevens -- and with others talking about Stevens -- on SportsNet Central. Here are some clips that won't be on TV:

DANNY AINGE ON STEVENS: "I was entertained this year. I felt like we played most games really well for 2 1/2, 3 quarters, but we always would have lapses. Some of that was our youth, some of it was the makeup; we didn't have a perfect fit as a roster. [What] I appreciate about [Stevens] is he was trying to win every game and was trying to win all the way into the end of the season. He was still preparing all the way up to the very last game. And right now he's working really hard to watch games and to try to learn the NBA game even more. I think there was an adjustment period for him coming in. Just with the different clock, and with the 48-minute game. It still is basketball; it's still managing and dealing with people, even though it's a different level. I think he did a fantastic job . . . 

"He's going to continue to progress and get better every year. And go from being a good coach to being a great coach."

STEVENS ON BOSTON: "What we knew, but didn't know, was . . . how we'd feel about the community. That's the part that's probably been the most exciting for us . . . [How] great the people have been . . . You know the reputation of Celtic fans and Boston fans as being the best sports fan around. We've gotten to see that first-hand; how much we like living here, how much we like being members of the community. Those are things that  . . . when you move from home, where you've spent 33 years, those things are at least questions that are going to pop in your mind. We're thrilled to call Boston home, and the thing about it is, we've had so many moments over the past year that have just been really, really inspiring. Hopefully we can provide some of those moments ourselves." 

ON LEARNING ABOUT THE CELTIC TRADITION: "I think [that] happened more as the season went on. Certainly when [I] first got here and the moments where you have a chance to meet John Havlicek, or Tommy Heinsohn walks into practice; when they did the statue for Bill Russell and Russell came to the game and [I] got a chance to meet him . . . all the way down the line with some of the Celtic greats of the past. Just being in the presence of those people is awe-inspiring. They've all been great to me. They've all been very supportive. They've all . . . reached out and just been who you thought they were. And I think that's the best part. Anybody that can help us grow, I'm all ears."

ON THE MANY FRUSTRATING LOSSES THE TEAM SUFFERED LAST SEASON: "You've got to evaluate: Did we do everything we could to be in that game, or did we do everything we could to get over the hump? Anytime you watch a game and you go back watch it from a coaching perspective, you're looking for perfection. And you'll find little things, hundreds of details, that you think might have been able to contribute to a two- or three-point loss becoming a two- or three-point win."

ON HIS PHILOSOPHY: "I think you focus on the things you can control: You work hard to be the best that you can be, and then you got to let the chips fall where they fall. We've all had days where we just haven't probably quite invested the way we should have. And those days are the most disappointing. The days that you can live with that don't go right are the ones when you put everything out there and you came up a little short."