In the Bonus: Green vs. SF-by-committee

In the Bonus: Green vs. SF-by-committee
December 28, 2013, 10:45 am
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BOSTON — The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a small forward-by-committee approach all season, and few have taken advantage of this more than Jeff Green.

When the two teams met on Nov. 29, Green had a season-high 31 points. And he did so by essentially scoring any and every way he wanted to.

Green is a 39.6 percent 3-point shooter this season.

But against the Cavaliers, he connected on 50 percent of his 3s.

A 30.5 percent mid-range shooter, Green saw a slight increase (33.3 percent) in that area as well.

But the most significant bump for Green came in his scoring in the paint.

Against the Cavs he shot 66.7 percent in the paint which was a significant bump from his season average, which is 54.6 percent.

Green's success in the paint was fueled by beating his man off the dribble and looking to finish at the rim as opposed to getting a step on him and pulling up for a jumper.

This season, 70.1 percent of Green's shots in the paint are less than five feet from the rim.  The remaining 29.9 percent are at least five feet away.

Against the Cavs, all of his shots in the paint were less than five feet away from the rim.

As much as Green would love a repeat performance by himself and a similar outcome, he knows it won't be easy.

"They're playing very different than the last time we played them," Green said. "They start different lineups, their personnel is a lot different which makes them different."