Blakely: Celtics prefer to build around Rondo

Blakely: Celtics prefer to build around Rondo
June 21, 2014, 12:15 am
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It's a great plan.

Step 1 - Convince the Timberwolves to give up Kevin Love for a boatload of draft picks and a young player.

Step 2 - Hope that Carmelo Anthony opts out of his contract with the Knicks and then lure him to Boston.

Step 3 - Compete for NBA Championship with Big Three of Kevin Love-Carmelo Anthony-Rajon Rondo.

When Wyc Grousbeck promised "fireworks" this offseason, this is the kind of blueprint that came to mind. 

So why do the other NBA teams have to go and make it difficult? 

It now appears that Golden State has emerged with an offer that might be more enticing to Flip Saunders and the Wolves.

What exactly is "Plan B"?

If the Celtics are unable to acquire Love, it's possible they may abandon the 'grand acquisition' approach and instead opt to trade Rondo and Jeff Green and rebuild through a more traditional - and lengthy - process.

But Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely says that's not the team's preference.

"This would be the nuclear option," says Blakely. "‘The mushroom cloud is upon us’ scenario if you’re talking about trading Rajon Rondo, who is a major major piece of this team." 

"Their focus is on trying to put together a team that can be significantly better than the one we saw this past season, and that team, for now at least, includes Rajon Rondo."

The original plan is still in play. The Celtics may still go big. But if they don't, at least for now, Rondo still seems to be part of the big picture.