Bill Russell arrested and released

Bill Russell arrested and released
October 19, 2013, 1:30 pm
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Bill Russell, arguably the greatest player in the Boston Celtics' illustrious basketball history, was detained briefly earlier this week after Seattle airport officials allegedly found a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage.

He was given a citation for having a weapon in a prohibited area which in addition to the citation could also carry a fine as high as $7,500.

"Before boarding my flight from Seattle to Boston, I had accidentally left a legal firearm in my bag," Russell said in a statement released Saturday evening. "I apologize and truly regret the mistake. I was issued a citation by the TSA, whose agents couldn't have been more thorough and professional when dealing with this. I really appreciate their efforts to keep air travel safe."

The incident occurred on Wednesday night at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after Transportation Security Administration officials discovered a .38-caliber gun that was loaded with six rounds inside his carry-on luggage. Russell's gun was immediately confiscated.

"Firearms, ammunition, firearm parts and realistic replicas of firearms are always prohibited in carry-on baggage," reads a TSA statement. "However, these items can be transported in checked baggage provided the traveler declares them to the airline during the ticket counter check-in process."