. . . and three reasons why they should

. . . and three reasons why they should
December 17, 2013, 5:45 pm
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BOSTON — Multiple league sources made it emphatically clear Tuesday that the Boston Celtics are not involved in any trade talks, nor do they plan to engage in any, with the Sacramento Kings for Rajon Rondo.

But that doesn't necessarily mean the Celtics will completely abandon the idea of trading the four-time All-Star at some point in the near future.

Here are three reasons why Boston will consider moving him:

The Celtics are about $500,000 below the luxury tax threshold, an absolute must for them this season. If they could find a team willing to make a trade for Rondo and the Celtics received a player or players with comparable salaries in the final year of their contracts, that might be enough to give serious thought to moving him.

Rondo and new coach Brad Stevens seem to get along quite well now, with no signs of tension of friction to speak of. But their relationship has yet to involve games played or the emotions that tend to come out.

At some point, Rondo will do something on the court that Stevens won't agree with. When that happens, it'll be interesting to see how Stevens handles that situation. So far, the players have shown Stevens nothing but respect -- including Rondo.

But in the heat of battle, Rondo has shown to be an emotional, fiery competitor that has irked a head coach (Tubby Smith, Doc Rivers) or two in the past.

Will Stevens be added to that list?

At this point, teams are reluctant to offer the Celtics anything for Rondo because they have no idea how he'll rebound from the torn right ACL he suffered last season. But if the Celts got an offer akin to the Brooklyn Nets heist, uh, I mean deal, which included decent players as well as three unprotected picks, it might be just enough to entice them to pull the trigger.

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