Marchand, Chara and Hamilton on . . .The Tonight Show?

Marchand, Chara and Hamilton on . . .The Tonight Show?
April 23, 2014, 5:15 pm
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DETROIT – Dougie Hamilton said he hadn’t heard too much chirping from his teammates about it, but he was laughing along with everybody else at being mentioned in Jimmy Fallon’s monologue during last night’s Tonight Show on NBC. Fallon gave out some NHL Tonight Show Superlatives to random players, and Bruins players Brad Marchand, Zdeno Chara and Hamilton both mentioned along with a number of Pittsburgh Penguins players.

Marchand was voted “Most Likely to Play a Pizza Delivery Guy in a 1980s Movie about Skiing”, Hamilton was voted “Easiest to Replicate as a BobbleHead”, and Chara was voted as “Most Likely to be Two Humans Sewn Together.” Hamilton has also famously had his head shot placed side-by-side next to the muppet Beaker in an Internet meme, so this kind of stuff has become old hat for the 20-year-old defenseman.

“I don’t even really know what it means,” said Hamilton. “I guess it’s just cool to be mentioned on that show, and not get chirped too hard. Nobody really gave it to me this morning, but Chad [Johnson] saw it last night and told me about it. I think I’ve already been on there before for the same sort of thing, so I guess [I just have] a good head shot.”

It’s pretty clear the Penguins got the worst of it in Fallon’s comments, with Beau Bennett boasting his unforgivable frosted tips and both Matt Niskanen and Simon Despres getting the business for head shots that make them appear “cross-eyed.”