Pele on the World Cup, United States

Pele on the World Cup, United States
June 20, 2014, 6:30 am
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With the World Cup being in Brazil, who better to talk to than Pele.

Dalen Cuff was able to catch up with the soccer legend to discuss the United States' chances in the World Cup.

"It's a tough group, no doubt" said Pele. "The United States has a good team, everybody knows. We remember the last World Cup in Japan and Korea, United States almost qualified for the Final… I hope the United States has success in this World Cup."

Cuff wondered if the United States could ever be a threat for the World Cup.

"Today, football through the world is very, very even," said Pele. "You don't have a big difference between the teams that play in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia… To win the World Cup you have to be very well prepared."