Victorino (back) hopes to return to action Friday

Victorino (back) hopes to return to action Friday
May 1, 2013, 5:15 pm
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TORONTO -- Outfielder Shane Victorino, out of the lineup for the last week with lower back soreness, said Wednesday he's making progress and hopes to be able to be back on the field by Friday when the Red Sox open a weekend series in Texas.
"Today I did a little bit of soft toss," said Victorino. "Everyday we've progressively added to the workload. It's getting better, feels a lot better day-to-day. Obviously, they want to take it slow in regards to putting too much in the workload and what's going on. The MRI showed a little bit of inflammation in that area.
"Definitely, I want to be out there. It's not fun having to sit here, having to watch. I'm getting antsy. But it's about playing 162 for me and finishing strong. Everyday, we add to (the worklaod), and that's a positve for me."
On Tuesday, manager John Farrell cited Thursday as the tipping point, where the Sox will have to make a call -- DL or return to the lineup -- one way or the other.
Having played a man short for the last six games, the Sox can't go on with just 24 players available.
"It's getting to the point where, 'Am I going to be ready in a couple of days?' or is going to take a little bit longer?' said Victorino. "But I've progressed every day. (On Thursday), we're going to add BP. My goal, if everyhting goes accordingly, I'd like to play the first game in Texas. That's obviously (dependent) on how my body reacts. But we're heading in a positive direction. There are no setbacks when I wake up in the morning, so I'm satisfied with that.''
Victorino said he feels no discomfort when he swings. The one time he feels the back is bending over and then straightening up.
He's also mindful that he experienced some stiffness in the back in mid-April and thought he was safe to return. In retrospect, he should have taken more time.
"We don't want any setbacks," he said. "We don't want to come back for one game and then be out for a week. What's frustrating for me is never having a back problem (before) and have this all of a sudden occur when things are going good and the team is going well.
"But I tip my hat to the guys. It's been fun to watch. I've had a lot of poms poms and I will continue to do that and hopefully be back sooner than later."