'Show Me': Are you concerned about Buchholz?

'Show Me': Are you concerned about Buchholz?
August 26, 2013, 10:30 pm
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The crew on The Show start things off with a segment they call "Show Me", where they'll go around and explain why they feel a certain way about a specific Red Sox topic.

First off, Rich Levine is asked if he was impressed with the trip out west.

He was impressed, and points to pitching for the main reasons, stating that starting pitchers went into the 8th inning in five out of the six games. Pretty good.

Chris Gasper was asked if he's buying in to the starting rotation, and thanks to Jon Lester, he is.

"I think I'm buying in to the starting rotation because I think Jon Lester is pitching closer to the Jon Lester that started the beginning of the season."

Gasper notes that Lester's four-seam fastball is effective, and that's a big reason why Lester is finding success again.

Someone who didn't find success in the minor leagues on Sunday was Clay Buchholz. Is Marc Bertrand concerned?

"I'm not worried about his rehab starts," Bertrand said. "I'm worried about when this guy is going to be back on the Major League mound. So whatever he's going to do in his rehab starts, let it be. This is at the point where he needs to find his way back on to the big league club as fast as he can. I wouldn't be concerned with the results at this point. i'd be more concerned with him getting out there and being able to contribute in some fashion to this team."