Should Sox make trade for World Series run?

Should Sox make trade for World Series run?
July 2, 2013, 7:00 pm
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The Red Sox have the best record in the American League.

Therefore, they are World Series contenders. Right? That's the question that Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti haggle over on Felger and Mazz.

Mazz doesn't think they are a legit contender, but Felger seems to think they are. But if that's the case, Mazz thinks Felger should want the Sox to make a trade to get that final piece to put them over the top.

"If you're a World Series contender you should have no reservations about trading away anybody at the deadline if you think they can win a World Series," Mazz said.

"Thats not true," Felger responded. "I think if they play their cards right they'll have a nice big window here with this group. So I don't want to do anything to disturb that window. But they're in that window."

Felger acknowledges they're a contender, but doesn't want to give up anything that could keep them contenders for years to come. Mazz is in the other camp, and so is Marc Bertrand.

"But they have plenty of young players- I shouldn't say plenty," Mazz said. "They have a good core of young players in this system. If they are truly a World Series contending team, why wouldn't you trade one of them for a chance to win it now?"

Check out the video for much more, and let us know in the comments section what you would do.