Shaughnessy explains his latest Ortiz article

Shaughnessy explains his latest Ortiz article
May 11, 2013, 2:45 pm
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(USA Today Sports)

In a column on Wednesday, Dan Shaughnessy detailed a conversation that he had with David Ortiz about steroid usage.

The column got a lot of people talking.

Dan Shaughnessy got a chance to explain on The Baseball Show.

Bob Neumeier questioned if Shaughnessy wrote the column just to get people talking about the subject.  

"I'm already talking about it. It's in my head as a baseball fan, as a baseball watcher, reporter, or columnist of baseball." explained Shaughnessy, "I chose to go to the source and ask the individual.  He can say 'go bleep yourself.'  He talked about it for ten minutes."

The Boston Globe columnist doesn't believe he did anything wrong in his piece.

"At the end of the column he guarantees 'I will never show up positive in one of these things.  I'm not going to blow up my career, my reputation over this.  I guarantee it." added Shaughnessy,  "We have him on record now saying that. I thought this was a service for him."

"The curve looks a little strange. I thought it was strange. I asked, he answered."

To see Dan Shaughnessy's full explanation, watch the video above.